Sheryl Ackerson
VP of Mortgage Lending

I have always called myself "The Mortgage Lady". I love helping and educating everyone I meet about making the biggest decision of their life - taking out their first mortgage and buying their first home. I originally was a financial analyst and accountant and found that job was just a job - and wasn't my passion. I met Jeff Lake, a # 1 producer in Illinois and the rest is history. I felt the excitement about helping someone qualify and buy their first home. I felt the warm and fuzzies, and I quickly knew I made a difference in many people's lives.

I was the first female loan officer at First Home Mortgage in 1989 (the mortgage business was a male dominated business). I brought to the table warmth, patience and understanding in putting together a personal mortgage strategy to help many young families buy their first home. I quickly became a success in the business, doing the more difficult FHA loans and offering everyone a "second opinion" for the mortgage they were looking for. By the way, when I got into the business in 1989, the 30 year fixed rate was 11% without any points. I like to think I bring my education and accounting background into the business. I give each of my clients a quick Homebuying 101 Class if needed.

I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but grew up on Long Island, New York. I graduated from SUNY at Stonybrook with a degree in Political Science and Education. I later went to DePaul University to take my accounting classes. However, it was my unhappiness with just being an accountant that took me on my journey to become a mortgage professional.

I have been married for over 40 years to my husband, Andy, and we have raised our 2 sons, Matthew and Neil, and lived in Buffalo Grove for over 37 years. My boys are graduates of Stevenson High School. Our family has been active in the community and since both boys played travel sports, that is what got me into networking with many young families to buy their first home. I am a proud grandmother of 2 - Logan and Jordan Ackerson.

In my spare time, when I am not working, I am active in Hadassah - a women's organization that raises funds for much needed medical research around the world. Since my mom and 2 sisters are breast cancer survivors, I personally have raised thousands of dollars to fund several Cancer Awareness Programs and Research. When I take a break from my mortgage business, I love to travel with my family and of course enjoy sports - especially basketball and baseball.

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